Estate Planning

You should complete your estate planning to protect your assets and the people you love. Lisa Broderick Thornton can help you get these documents in place. First, you should have a will, a basic legal document that allows you to direct to whom your property will be distributed. The executor is named in your will and is the person that will administer your wishes upon your death. Your will is the tool by which you leave assets to your children, grandchildren, other heirs, and charities. A will also allows you to name a guardian for your minor children.

You will likely benefit by setting up a revocable trust that allows you to avoid probate with the accompanying delay, court costs, attorney fees, and public viewing of your property.

A power of attorney allows you to name those to act for you, while you are still living, and cannot act for yourself regarding your financial matters. People often name a spouse to act as their financial agent, an adult child, or a sibling.

The Utah Advanced Health Care Directive names the people you want to act on your behalf when you are unable to communicate your desires for medical treatment.

Lisa Thornton will also help you transfer your assets into your revocable trust so your estate plan is complete and effective.

Contact Lisa for a free consultation to discuss how these documents can protect your assets for the people you love.

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